Problems with Experience Cloud ID Service extension's Pre Opt In Approval ECID



Hi everyone


While setting up the Experience Cloud ID Service I ran into an issue. In our configuration of the extension we left all the checkboxes blank in de "Pre Opt In Approvals?" setting (see screenshot). By testing the implementation in the Launch development environment (debug) we noticed that the ECID is still being set, even if the checkbox ECID is not activated. I also tried to set the Pre Opt in explicitly to false ("ecid":false), but the issue remains.

European privacy legislation prescribes that we can only use the ECID after accepting a consent. 


So what is the use of the ECID checkbox? Is this an issue or is this expected behaviour?


thanks in advance


Screenshot 2020-03-12 at 17.04.24.png

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Ok so we found the issue.
The naming of the title ‘enable Opt-in?’ is a little ambiguous.
We thought that on the question ‘enable Opt-in?’, as long as the data element would be false, you weren’t opt-in so no cookies would be set and when you accept cookies (true) you are opt-in so cookies would be set.
However the adobe logic works the other way around. So as long as 'enable opt-in?' is true the user didn't have a correct consent and cookies are not set. Once the correct consent is given the flag should be set to false, and cookies will be set. 
So 'enable opt-in?' rather corresponds to 'should cookies be blocked?then what we thought 'is a user Opt-In?'.
This wasn’t really clear in the current documentation.

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