Migration from DTM Mobile to Adobe Launch Mobile



Hello everyone,


I am working on the migration from DTM to Launch. Currently I have only one DTM property for both Mobile and Web (Same Web property) and Adobe Mobile Service. Seeing that Adobe Launch allows to create one  web property for web site and one web property for Mobile, is it a good choice to split DTM into two different web properties by considering that I have an Hybrid Mobile App implementation? 


In addition I noticed that it is possible to install Adobe Mobile Service  as extension in Adobe Launch, could you explain me which benefit of it?






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Hi @1982luca ,

In addition to what @Bhemarasetty_vani mentioned, you will need to use a mobile property in Launch if you were to leverage the AEP Web SDK for mobile tracking. Further you can use Adobe Analytics - Mobile Services extension in Launch and retrieve the existing app from Mobile Services to use it in rules, etc.

Here's a doc that talks about it - https://aep-sdks.gitbook.io/docs/getting-started/create-a-mobile-property

I hope this helps!