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Hi there

I'm very new to all this and have just started a new role within my company where I'll be working with Adobe Analytics. I've installed the Debugger Plugin (the new version) and logged into my account no problem. But it cannot seem to find... anything. All the modules simply say "Not Found". I've tried closing and reopening the browser, rebooting my computer and I've tried Firefox and Chrome on Mac and Chrome on Windows 10 (on the same computer in a virtual machine and on a separate Windows PC). I've disabled all other extensions, closed every other tab, still nothing. I even tried disabling Firefox's privacy protection features.


On the Mac browsers, I see "Not Connected. Reload the tab or navigate to a new page to connect". On the Windows browsers, it sometimes shows as connected, but other times as not connected. And sometimes, a few of the modules will work, but not other ones, then reloading the page will show none of them working. It's very erratic. Is there something obvious I could be missing?




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Hi Dan - Can you link me to the debugger you are using? I want to verify it's the official debugger. Also, would it be possible to link us to one of the pages you are trying to use the debugger on? As long as the page has Adobe solutions deployed on it the debugger should be able to pull the requests and display them in an easy to read format.

Hi Jantzen, thanks for coming back to me. The debugger I installed (on both the platform where it works and where it doesn't) is here:
Hi Jantzen, thanks for coming back to me. The debugger I installed (on both the platform where it works and where it doesn't) is here: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/adobe-experience-platform/bfnnokhpnncpkdmbokanobigaccjkpob and the webpage is https://www.carphonewarehouse.com
So I loaded the page you provided with both the Adobe Experience Platform debugger and the Adobe Experience Cloud debugger and both were showing the requests after refreshing the page. It sounds like it might be something on your end. Do you have another computer you could try so we could confirm its something with the local machine?
Hey, Jantzen; it's definitely something with the machine. I have my home iMac (running Chrome and Firefox), a Windows 10 virtual machine running on the same iMac (checked in Chrome) and my work laptop (Windows 10, Chrome). As mentioned, the experience varies. Mac browsers, nothing works. Windows browser in VM: sometimes works, but some modules missing and sometimes doesn't at all. Work Windows laptop seems to generally work fine. I've disabled all plugins, even tried incognito mode, to no avail. Is there anything else I could try? Any security/privacy setting in the browser that might hinder the pluging from reading data? Any browser versioning issues?
Interesting... I'm not sure why you might be having such varying results. I've tried on both a Mac and Win 10 machine, both using Chrome, and they work fine. It sounds like your Work laptop might be the best bet? The only thing I could think of would be to uninstall and reinstall the browser but I know that could be a pain.
Huh, that really is weird. Well, thanks for checking, I'll see if I can think of anything else that might be hindering it and give it a go, but otherwise just chalk it up to some weird glitch and will have to use my work laptop, I suppose!
Hi there. Some further weirdness. When I sign in (on Firefox Mac), analytics appears, captures events, etc. But if I close and reopen the window, it's gone again. If I then log out and log back in, it works again. Though none of the other modules (Target, Audience Manager, etc.) work in either case
hmmm does your work laptop /browser block any scripts or things like that? That's a long shot but worth looking at -
Well, the work laptop is fine, everything works there (I just prefer using my home iMac, even for work stuff as the screen is bigger, etc.). I don't think anything is blocked on my home Mac (certainly it seems unlikely it would be blocked equally on all browsers)
Do you have any ad blockers or internet security programs installed on your home PC? Since your work PC works fine, there is likely an issue with your home PC or a conflicting program that is installed on it.
I don't think so. I do run a couple (uBlock origin and Privacy Badger), but I tried disabling both of them and even using incognito mode and still nothing. And again, this is on Chrome (Mac), Firefox (Mac) and Chrome (Windows 10 in Virtual Machine). Is there some sort of domain blocking that could occur at the computer level? I'm using Google's DNS servers (, but I can't imagine that would make any difference?It can't be at the network level, since my work PC (which is fine) connects to the same network, but it could be something at the level of my Mac, since Windows VM runs on top of that. Does Apple have any system-wide privacy protocols I should try disabling?