Creating segment in AEP based on Page View



Hi Team,

Expecting your help on the below use case which I am trying to solve in AEP.


Use case: If a user visits the product for more than 1 times, send a email to the customer using Adobe Campaign.


Solution: The solution which I am thinking is ingesting the profile and product interaction data to AEP via Launch Tag. Then create a segment and send those segments to Campaign.



I was able to ingest the data to AEP and while creating segment I am not able to create a segment where a product view has been occurred more than 1 time. Please let me know how to create a segment to filter the profiles where a particular product has been viewed more than once. 

Tried something below but it is now working and the product view is always 1 and not solving my problem


"Include audience who have at least 1 Any event where (Value is greater than 5)"

Code :

"select _Any1 from xEvent where _Any1.commerce.productViews.value > 5.0"




Please refer the JSON ( taken from the profile which shows the data that is getting ingested.





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