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We have a mobile-native implementation- we have found an issue where we set up a standard A/B/C Test with the equal user split but for some reason, users are stuck in experience B and everyone is getting experience  B

Some of the troubleshooting done already
Experience C to 100% > outcome still see the experience B
Experience B deleted > started seeing experience C then but now stuck in Experience C can't get to Experience A
Experience C now-deleted > able to see the experience A

I was expecting random traffic to go through as normal and random to Experience A , B or C

Any response will be appreciated 



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Dear Garora,

Should not be the case. Is it the same every time you create a new test?

I definitely hope you would have deleted the test and re-created it, if not, can you do it and validate rather than deleting the experiences alone?

Target Delivery is based on the response and I don't think the response would be a certain Experience every time, if yes, there is some problem at the Target Decisioning Engine.

Thank You, Arun.