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One of our clients is already using a third party SDK to send mobile app push notification to their mobile app, as a part of their loyalty program. Removing this SDK is out of the question. 

At the same time, the client is keen to implement the Adobe AEP SDK to start also sending mobile push and in-app push notifications from Adobe Campaign Standard. As mobile maturity grows, this is a situation we expect to experience with more and more of our clients. 

Is it possible / feasible / recommendable to implement the AEP SDK for sending mobile app push notifications, in addition to the third party SDK, in effect having two mobile SDKs both sending push notifications in the same app? Or is there any other best practice architecture you would recommend instead? 

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Accepted Solutions (1)




While technically this is possible (using multiple solutions for push notifications) it is not advisable, as it may become difficult to understand when push messages are being sent and the frequency in which users are receiving them. 


If the third-party Push service does not support In-App-Messages, you could look to have Campaign setup for this and use the other solution for push. 

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