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Im facing problem data not shows in Reports 


I have implemented mobile sdk extensions in mobile apps 


I can see network calls in going for Analytics  for MobileCore.trackState, and MobileCore.trackAction with correct report Suit ID, But i dont see any activites when i run report.


Do i need to do any config in Report Suites to handle SDK Requests? 

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Hi @muralitharanv68 ,


Did Calise's answer solve your issue?

Additionally, verify if your report suite is timestamp enabled or not. If it is timestamp enabled, make sure you have Offline Enabled selected in the Adobe Analytics extension configuration. For more information, see


Emilia Dobrin

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You need to enable mobile management for your report

It can be done under Analytics > Admin > Report Suites > Edit Settings > Mobile Management > Mobile Application Reporting .


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Calise Cheung
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