How to support both offline configuration & using the launch ID when configuring ACPCore



I'm upgrading our code from 4.x to the Adobe Experience Platform.  We're using iOS and Swift.

We used to use the json file method for configuration.

Based on the recommendation in the documentation we're now using the following configuration function:

ACPCore.configure(withAppId: "??????")

But what is the correct process for supporting offline analytics (E.g. if the json file above configuration method fails because the user is offline)

do we call both in the following order?

ACPCore.configure(withAppId: "??????")

ACPCore.configureWithFile(inPath: filePath)

The wording in the documentation mentions "replace or complement" with regards to a bundled json file

"You can include a bundled JSON configuration file in your app package to replace or complement the configuration that was downloaded by using the Configure with Launch App ID approach."

Just wondering if anyone has any clarification on how to handle this.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




You would want to use this example: to build your configuration, scraping the values from your Launch configuration: 


These directions discuss using a bundled config:


The bundled config will be used until the app gets a network connection, after which the remote Launch configuration will be downloaded and cached. 

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