Can I abort requests processing using AEP SDK and Launch?




Imagine this scenario: one developer has wrongly created a new trackAction call that is generating unnecessary requests. Is there a way to intercept them in Launch and avoid them to be processed? Something like s.abort = true for web environments?

Or I am seeing it from the false perspective? Our app developers are used to send trackAction and trackState calls... And I think that this will still be needed in the code, as actually under trigger conditions in Launch I can only pick between trackState, trackAction, collect PII & Launched. I was expecting to be able to tell developers just to send context.Data information, and depending on the values sent, send a specific call to Adobe Analytics (à la dataLayer.push for web environments)

I am totally new to App Tracking (the only experience I have is by using processing rules in the Analytics Admin page), so please understand my lack of certainty.

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Hi @Agustin_Suarez  you are correct that at this time we need all the trackAction and trackState calls to exist in the app. The data elements in Launch and the rules engine operate off of data variables collected in the application. Re: your abort question, we do not have the capability to stop a call from within Launch. That is an idea we can take in for the future. 





Edited - 8/17 - We now have a new action for Mobile Core that will allow you to modify, change or remove event data flowing through your mobile implementation. Please see: for additional information.


cc - @Charles_Thirupa