Application ID Capturing in Page Name - How to Debug?




Dear Everyone, CaliseCheung​ , @Ivan Mironchuk ,

We have implemented Adobe Analytics in our Mobile Application using Adobe Launch SDK 5x.

The implementation was good and we didn't see any gaps but we are seeing Application ID capturing as the Page Name and it is equal to the overall Page Views in a day i.e. Guess it is firing every time the page is loading.

We tried to debug the image request and since because our Application Server blocks all the Proxies, we are unable to see the image request using Charles Debugger.

The Page Views we are receiving is nearly doubled and thus it is a red alert for us in terms of Server Calls.

Anyone faced this issue? Kindly guide on why and how to debug.

And, if we didn't have the setup to fire the Analytics Server Call within the Launch, then what's the advantage of it?

If i have the setup, at least we would have added a condition not to fire the Server Call for the Track State with Application ID or without any name.

Kindly suggest the best approach.

Thank You!


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Hi Arun,

If you have no Launch Rules, then the only possible way that a 'pageview' is being populated in reporting is that a hit is being sent via a trackState. 

The sample app that we have does not contain any Launch Rules, but implements that trackState method. Overview 

In a mobile app this is sort of the equivalent to an s.t( ) call.  If this is Mobile.trackState( ) is not called then there should not be a hit being sent to Adobe.

In your Android App, if using Android Studio, do a search for trackState.