Android Launch SDK not passing app ID on Adobe Analytics purchase event



Hi all!

Currently working to configure an app with a third-party.

On our purchase page we're sending back products data in the hit using a trackState call (products context data includes 3 merchandising eVars but no price as they are voucher codes e.g. &&products=;product name;1;;event128=1;eVar85=offer name|eVar111=offer brand|eVar121=redemption method

However, none of these register for Android users. For iOS users, purchases are coming through correctly.

I can see hits to the pages themselves but they aren't even counted as app traffic i.e. if I overlay the app segment all the hits disappear.

My processing rules are straightforward. We have a bit of context data called productAction. When this equals 'purchase' I'm setting the orders event with a purchase ID which is also a bit of context data.

At no point am I using the processing rules to set the app ID as I believe this is something that happens automatically.

The developers are building the Android version of the app using React.

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Accepted Solutions (1)



The issue was caused by a duplicated purchase ID that was causing Analytics to ignore the request. I asked the app developers to ensure the purchase ID was unique for each event and now it is working well.

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I would check to make sure that Lifecycle and Analytics are properly registered and initialized in the Android app, using the instructions for React Native:


Beyond that you may want to consider using Project Griffon (Adobe Experience Platform Assurance) to troubleshoot the data being sent from the app.