AEP SDK: How to change PushPlatform default value GCM ?



I am using the AEP SDK and noticing that the payload on startup is set to GCM.

The log entry in Android Studio looks like this:

D/AdobeExperienceSDK: CampaignExtension - processRequest - Campaign Request Queued with url (https://******* and body ({"marketingCloudId":"84468840125982782508671000597616434081","pushPlatform":"gcm"})


Can it be changed to another variant like iOS or FCM? And how to do that?




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Accepted Solutions (1)



@robayzma The payload containing the push platform information is currently sent from within the SDK as part of Campaign registration call based on the platform (android - `gcm` or `fcm` and iOS - `apns`). You should be able to update the value using a launch postback rule but we do not recommend it. What exactly is your use case for trying to update the push platform value later?

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