Adobe mobile SDK - Launch or 4.x



Hi fellow Adobe followers,

i'm hoping that someone can help us in our App journey.

We've recently migrated over to Launch and have noticed it's new support for creating a mobile property from with it. However at the same time we can see a whole host of info in creating the SDK via 4.x and Mobile Services. Can anyone offer any views on which to choose please.?

We're really keen on using Launch method however just want to understand any do/don'ts etc.







Hi Stephen - Creating a mobile property in Launch will set you up for using the new Experience Platform Mobile SDKs. These new SDKs are the successor to the v4.x SDKs managed through Mobile Services.

You can learn more about the new SDKs here: http://sdkdocs.com

Using the new SDKs with Launch offers the following high-level benefits

  • Publishing process for phase-gating configuration changes
  • Ability to dynamically publish and update SDK configuration
  • Event/Action based rules engine for cross-solution behaviors
  • 3rd Party extensions to reduce implementation overhead
  • Access to the new http://places.adobe.com & http://griffon.adobe.com