Why are tracking callbacks executing twice?



I'm registering a callback using s.registerPostTrackCallback() . In particular, within the console I'm testing with

s.registerPostTrackCallback(function(){console.log('test text')};

On the page, I click an object that sends an s.t() beacon and the network calls show that only one beacon fired, but the console is displaying



test text
test text



 What else could be executing this callback causing it to duplicate the expected output?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Hi jkm-disco,


I've seen this before too, and I came to the conclusion this occurs as soon as the data is being sent in a POST request instead of a GET request. At that point, the XHR is triggering the request for a second time.

I've reported this about a year ago at Adobe (via customer care), but after some disscussion I gave up and implemented a hotfix myself instead of waiting for Adobe engineers to fix the bug.


Maybe, since you are facing it too, it is time to re-address to issue to Adobe...




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Answers (2)



As per @MSchoenmakers-Signify mention of the bug, the workaround that I'm using is as follows:


On Library Load, I'm updating the s.t() function.


var tempTrack = s.t.bind({});
s.t = function(e,t,justInCaseParam,justInCaseParam2){



Seems to be sufficient to just add on to the existing track function, but played it safe, in case new parameters are added to the s.t() function in the future. Similar code can be replicated for s.tl() as well.

Hi @jkm-disco,

for what's worth: the work-around I use is based on the asumption it being highly unlikely that two succeeding pixels are alike.

Therefore in my callback function I keep track of the last payload (from the parameter) and compare that to the last received. If they are equal, the call is ignored.


Furthermore: I see if I can get my Customer Care ticket reopened and will refer this topic.