Using Launch for Mobile Apps



We are launching a new mobile App and for our analytics tagging I thought it would be easier to use Adobe Launch then there was control of what is being sent through the Adobe Launch UI.

To be honest we don't have much happening in there except link clicks. So I have a Launch rule which handles any trackAction as a link click and passes a set of key/value pairs. (e.g. page = '/home', linkname = 'main menu').

In Adobe Mobile Services I have these key values mapped to certain variables. So my page passes into p9, linkname into p15 etc...

Basically my question is...we only use Adobe Analytics of the Adobe is there actually any benefit in doing this through Launch?

Or would we be best just sending the key/value pair and using Adobe Mobile Services to pass into Adobe Analytics?

If I'm honest sending through Launch is more difficult than it could be...which is why I'm wondering if we should just stick to sending direct. After all, we still have to specify a key/value pair to pass into the data element which is used in Adobe its the same right?

The other problem I'm having, is because the key/value pair is the same in Adobe Launch as it is in the code then it sends the value twice. Once with what is sent in the code and once with what is sent from Launch. The obvious answer is to change the key name to something different in Adobe Launch and Mobile Services...but when I do that then it doesn't work   

Any help on the above would be very much appreciated.


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