Upgrade to Launch Failed ?



Hi Guys,

I am trying to upgrade my DTM property to Launch and I am using option of Upgrade to Launch. But it's failing each time i am trying to upgrade.

It's giving error:
Upgrade to Launch failed. Could not create the 'Production' environment correctly. Please contact Client Care if the issue persists.


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Accepted Solutions (1)




I got same issue yesterday it turns out that if you have done a migration of the same web property previously using the option to keep the DTM production endpoint, then you can not migrate it once more using the DTM production endpoint which is logical.

I just removed the migrated web property in Launch and done the migration again and it worked.

Might be worth for the Adobe Launch team to put a better error message.

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Answers (5)



Thanks for your reply Alexis!
I have already published few tags and adobe analytics tool in DTM, then only i tried to Upgrade to Launch but it failed few times.

Please find below screenshot for your reference and suggest to do the needful.