Underscore in Mbox Name throws error



I am just starting to use Launch for the first time. When installing the Target extension I am getting an error that the mbox name is not valid due to underscores in the name.

Has anyone experienced this as well? I can not change the mbox name at this point as there are too many campaigns running against it.

I have opened a client car ticket, but just curious if others have had an issue like this.

On side note, if you have requested an update or fix to an extension, Adobe or otherwise, how quickly does that turn around?


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Answers (6)




Hello @michaelb13398228, thank you for your feedback.

For now, the only allowed symbol is '-' but we will deliver a quick fix soon.




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I personally, have not seen someone with the same issue (underscores in the name throwing errors). I'll try to do some digging around internally to see if there is any information on this.

As for feature requests, there isn't a specific timeline or SLA for a feature request. The product team looks at ideas submitted via the communities and prioritizes them in their backlog. The client demand and scope of this issue is balanced against the existing backlog. With Launch it can become even more complicated because most of the extensions are developed by different teams. For example, the Analytics extension is developed and maintained by the Analytics engineers and the Target extenuation is responsible for the Target extension.

Hope this helps!



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I've reached out to the Target team to see why special characters aren't allowed. Amelia (Target Community Manager) or myself will get back to you when we get more information.