Troubleshooting Launch Script in Browser - Need to put Breakpoint



Hi Folks,

I am new to Adobe launch, i would like to know is there any way to have unminified version of JS custom code which is getting loaded through launch. I would like to troubleshoot scripts by having a breakpoint at browser level. But all the scripts were super minified and its tough to troubleshoot at browser level, even pretty print/format option under developer toolbar doesn't help to unformat the code. Please let me know if there is any tricks for troubleshooting under launch

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Pretty print helped me to debug, but I agree the minifier does go rather far with renaming and even reorganizing your code and sometimes it is hard to debug if there are multiple statements combined with && or commas.

Usually your script ends with ".min.js" so you can use the unminified version by omitting the ".min". So on your side include the non minified version and you should be able to see the code how you wrote it.

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