Support document.write method for custom html tag [DoubleClick Floodlight]




I have a tag that I want to fire on page load. The current syntax has document.write in the script. I do know that GTM has a checkbox for 'Support document.write' to safely load the tag without overriding the page content to blank. What can I do in Adobe Launch to load this tag?

Here's the current script and the error that I get when I paste the script:

floodlight tag error.JPG


Start of Floodlight Tag: Please do not remove

Activity name of this tag:

URL of the webpage where the tag is expected to be placed:

This tag must be placed between the <body> and </body> tags, as close as possible to the opening tag.

Creation Date: 10/06/2019


<script type="text/javascript">

var axel = Math.random() + "";

var a = axel * 10000000000000;

document.write('<iframe src=";src=xxxxxx;type=motlands;cat=step2;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;tag...' + a + '?" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0" style="display:none"></iframe>');



<iframe src=";src=xxxxxxx;type=motlands;cat=step2;dc_lat=;dc_rdid=;ta...?" width="1" height="1" frameborder="0" style="display:none"></iframe>


<!-- End of Floodlight Tag: Please do not remove -->

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