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Hi everyone!


We have two websites that are nearly identical. One is an internal facing version and the other is the public version.


We would like to deploy the same Launch code but have the reporting to go into separate report suites. Is it as simple as creating a data element defining the report suite name and then adding it into the Adobe Analytics tool configuration?


Also, is there any secret Adobe syntax I need to be aware of when setting up my data element or can I do something like the below:


var reportSuite = (window.location.hostname == "www.hostnameInternal.com") ? hostnameInternalProduction : hostnameExternalProduction;

return reportSuite;


Many thanks!

Adobe Analytics Data Elements report suites

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Yes, it is that simple! Instead of writing a lot of custom code, you can leverage the Adobe Analytics extension by setting the report suites for each environment using data elements. You reference the value (which should be a string) from the data element by wrapping the data element name in %'s. See below:

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Answers (1)



This is exactly what I do for my implementations. Using a data element is also nice so you only have one place to change everything.


How you have your data element is good. 


You can even shorten in by:

return window.location.hostname == "www.hostnameInternal.com" ? hostnameInternalProduction : hostnameExternalProduction;