Setting Up an initial Launch API Request in Postman




I'm new to working with Adobe Launch APIs and have been trying to test a connection using the Postman Application.

I have went through the getting an Access Token process and have already started to send requests to Adobe Launch

but right now i'm getting a response from the Reactor API

"errors": [


   "id": "7dc9fc8d-b798-4a4f-8650-17cd3dc0cdcd",

   "status": "400",

   "code": "headers-missing",

   "title": "Headers missing",

   "detail": "Required headers were not present in the request",

   "meta": {},

   "source": {}




I can not find any information on what 'headers' the Launch API requires.

in my headers I have

- the company id

- authorization bearer token

- user agent

- accept

- cache control

- postman-token

- host

- accept-encoding

- connection

and in my parameters i have

- API_key

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing from my headers & or parameters?

End point =

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