sendBeacon and _satellite.track with custom code actions



Hi all,


I have questions regarding the execution of _satellite.track calls in conjunction with 's.useBeacon = true' in Adobe Launch. Could someone please validate my assumptions for Adobe Launch?


Scenario 1: 

I trigger a _satelitte.track('xxx') via an onbeforeunload listener. The associated rule has a custom code action block where I interacting directly with the s object via 's.useBeacon' is set to true.



Assumption: It's not given that tracking call is executed successfully, because custom code is not embedded within the main library and loaded asynchronously as a sperate file. This leads to a race condition, even with 's.useBeacon = true'.


Scenario 2: 


Same as above, with the difference that I use the Adobe Analytics extensions and a setVar + sendBeacon actions instead of custom code.


Assumption: It's given that tracking call is executed successfully because _satelitte.track is executed synchronously with associated code included in main library. s.useBeacon ensures request is sent even with the imminent page unload.


Is this assumption correct? 


Thanks a lot in advance!




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Accepted Solutions (1)



Yes, your assumptions are correct.

In general, Custom Code actions are loaded via separate JS files. So you will face a race condition in Scenario 1 where the browser is loading that JS file for your action, but then the browser also redirects to the next page.

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