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I have talked this with ClientCare (ping Navdeep Pandey), but we decided to wrote public forum post and bit pressure for product management to react to this one. There was also some discussions about this in Measure Slack. Anyway, would be great to get this information to forum too.

If you want to choose self-hosted files in Adobe Launch you need to download scripts in zip file. There are normal and minified versions available.
After unzipping you get e.g. minified files:
(I modified folder/files, but you get the idea)





My questions:

1. Why is there same file 3 different times on different folders? And if I see browser only using one of those could I then delete other files or should I keep those always on our server?

2. Is there plans to simplify this? My wish is to have only 1 file and maybe I need to wait this ?

3. Before we get things to simplified format, could there be detailed information available what these different files really contain and do you need to update every single one after making updates in Launch? For example, maybe you don't need the last AppMeasurement file at all if you have code in custom code etc?

Now you have to manually upload and do different kind of security tests for 5 different files and this takes too so much time compared to only 1 file (or max 3 files).

I already noticed that these folder and script names are nowadays shorter, because windows had some problems to unzip too long folder structure. Good!
I would also hope that unzipping the file would result into 2 different zip files containing minified version in separate file. Now you have to be very careful that you only upload minified version and not the other one.

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I still would root for an additional flat zip option, where all files are directly part of the zip without subfolders as they are only relevant for CDN and not self hostet.