Seeing which rules a data element is used on



Is it possible to 'audit' where a data element (or for that matter an analytics evar/prop/event) is actually in use within a rule?


For example, we are changing our User authentication system, and I want to quickly flag or list all of the rules that will need to be updated/tested to ensure they continue to pass user properties from the new system on our analytics events. However I can't find a way to work backwards from the data element to get a list of all the rules it is present on. 


Do I have to open each rule, then open up each analytics 'set variables' container and check for each data element I need to flag for, or is there an easier way?



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Dear Sarah,

You can use this URL created by our MVP Urs Boller, input your library, click on the Content Tab to search for your Data Elements in the Search Bar to see the Rules list: Super useful, and thanks to him.

Or download the library, open all the files in one click, and search for the Data Element to find the rule names manually (Using Find All in All Opened Documents in Notepad++). 

Thank You, Arun.