Rule Sending Events, But on the custom Events I get no change



I am new to analytics, so fogive me if I did something wrong.


I created a new Report suite on Adobe analytics, after that I activated activity map, and created a new Product profile user on admins console and put my report suite on the report suites for that user, also I gave It permissions to web services , as It is recomended.

I did all my integration between AEM trhough, set the extension to analytics, and I am know abble to see my page views changing correctly, so everything is connected just right.


I created a new rule to send data when to links are clicked, so when that happens, I set to variables, one to event7 and event8, passing to data elemnts, and then I send a beacon, on my debugger the events are beeing set. Can anyone help understand whats is happening?

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