Restricting Access to Report Suites



Hi there.

I created an account in the Experience Cloud for use with training.  In the Admin Console I created a User Group called "training" and assigned my new user to that group.

In that user group, under Product Profiles, is Launch Training Profile.  This Product Profile gives access to the 15 different training properties, all 5 property rights and 0 company rights.  What I am after is the ability to for my training user to do pretty much everything inside one of the training profiles, but not have visibility or access to the other properties in our Company.

When I log in as that user and go to Launch I have access to ALL properties in our Company and, best I can tell, can make changes to the ones I am not supposed to even see in the first place.

Am I doing something wrong, or does Launch have an issue with Product Profile restrictions?

Thank you.





After further review, it turns out the user was also included in another product profile under Launch that granted this additional access.  Unfortunately, there is not a good way to see this in the console - you have to open each Product Profile one by one and see what users are assigned to it.

So this isn't a Launch problem, just another issue with the inscrutable Admin Console UI.