Republish never completed, broke ability to publish any other libraries



I tried republishing an older library on Monday in an attempt to revert back to an older set of rules.

  • The Republish never completed - buildInfo still shows the newest library that had been published.
  • Icon next to the library I attempted to republish shows the whirligig still, 4 days later.
  • More importantly, we can't publish any new libraries while this is stuck - Launch gives us error messages with "cannot publish while a republish is in progress"

Anyone have any ideas, workarounds, etc.? Contacted Customer Care person assigned is on a 12-15 hour email difference, and I'm not certain understands what I've described.

launch publish republish republished library

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


Community Manager


Try logging out and back in via a new browser or clearing your cache and cookies. Did the publish complete? If not you can try publishing again and if it gets stuck again please contact customer care so they can look at your specific instance.