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I am trying to automate the manual process of creating Property, etc using Launch API.

I generated JWT programmatically so that I can exchange it for an access token. However, access token can not be obtained as I am getting the following error on my terminal:

{"error_description":"The metascopes in the JWT are not a subset of the metascopes in the binding.","error":"invalid_scope"}

I have gone through:!AdobeDocs/adobeio-auth/master/JWT/​, which shows the API-specific metascope.

I am sure I have included it correctly in my program, also User Management API and I/O Management API is enabled under Services tab in my Adobe Console Integration, of which credentials are being used.

Help is appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



@jayg26932123  issue is related to payload data where you have incorrect url of metascope. Please check the jwt tab in the Adobe IO integration , you will get the correct url required for the payload. I faced the similar issue and after taking the metscope mentioned in the integration, it worked for me. I got the access token using python programming. 

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