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In the implementation guide, the product variable is complex. Is this the case with Launch? For tracking product views, sku#s, price, etc. should these all be different props/evars? or one product variable? Please help me understand the best practice for this use case. Thanks.

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Answers (5)



Hi Edward,

Yes, i found the solution.  In Adobe launch, you have to specify products variable in s.linkTrackVars like below


Then the set up for s.products variable would work.

However is DTM, you don't need to specify the products variable.

Hope this would help resolve the issue. I am not using any launch product string extensions as custom set up works with above.



If you have a single product to pass then you can use the extension in Launch but if you have multiple products then the option is not there. You can use custom code in that case. You can get a brief idea from here


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Currently, the products variable must be set via the custom code section in Launch. I don't know if we have a guide for Launch yet, but i did find one for DTM. The process should be very similar - Marketing Cloud Help | How do I set s.products in DTM?