Problems with Experience Cloud ID Service extension's Extension Info and Release Notes



Today 04/09/2019, I noticed that there is a new v.4.1.0 version of the Experience Cloud ID Service extension for upgrade. Before doing an upgrade, I want to read the extension's release notes.

When I went to the Experience Cloud ID Service extension's release notes page (linked below), it only has info for v3.1.0. When I click the "Extension Info" item in the extension's "Configure" dropdown, I get an "App not found." page within the Adobe Exchange (linked below).

Can these problems be addressed?




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Thanks for point this out.  I have updated the release notes and putting a process in place to ensure they are updated as part of each release from they groups that owns this extension.

I am working on completing the content for the Exchange Listing and hope to have it published before long as well.


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Answers (3)



The release notes for the Adobe Experience Cloud ID Launch Extension have not been updated in quite some time. As of today 09/25/2019, the release notes have not been updated since May 13, 2019 and they only document up to version 4.3.1. Looking at the Launch Extension, the current version is 4.4.1 and I know that there has been a version 4.4.0 released in-between. Since there is no way to revert an upgrade of an extension, being able to read the release notes is very important, so that one knows what one is committing to when upgrading.

Can someone please address this?