Post ddobe DTM to Launch migration- Do we need to disable DTM property?



Hi All,

We have recently migrated our dtm property to launch, by using "Link to DTM Embed code" option. Now, even after publishing, the launch prod environment script links back to DTM production script, in that case DTM property will always have to be active ? After Adobe grays out DTM, whjat will happen, how will this linking work?

Secondly, for more development activities and testing on staging, we will be dependent on Launch command tool to run staging script on urls?

Request and appreciate early response ! Thank you.

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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After you've completed the migration which ever product (DTM or Launch) is last to publish will overwrite the file hosted on Akamai (assuming you are using that). We typically recommend you disable your DTM environment after converting to Launch so no one accidentally publishes over the Launch instance again.

If you are still having issue with it, try a new browser or make sure you are fully clearing out your cache and cookies.

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