Noob question: How do I create a rule from a date element to map that element to a prop/evar/event?



I have an internal search data element that I have created that I want to map to a specific prop (let's say prop 55). I am new to this tool and can't find how to do it from searching this forum or just Googling. Your help is much appreciated.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



Can't use screenshots, but I'll try to explain with text only.

The data elements are completely independent from rules. So you could use the same data element in multiple rules and assign it to different eVars or props in these rules.
To use the data element, you need to have a rule and then in the action section add an Action with the Analytics Extension and select the Set Variables. There you have the eVars, props and events where you can select your prop55 from the dropdown and next to the value field is the database icon, where you can search for your searchTerm data element.

Also don't forget to add a Send Beacon action (also from the Analytics Extension) if you want to have this prop tracked with this rule.