Mobile Tracking with Launch




I am new to mobile implementation and  wandering how to use the context data variables the app is exposing.Also I have captured a couple of interactions on a web page and know how to send beacon after setting the analytics tool in a web property.

Appreciate if you could suggest how to populate the analytics variables within a rule and validate the implementation in mobile property .Being a secure environment we can not use any tool to check the variables values, not sure how to validate if the configuration is fine or not.

I have checked the logs on developers machine and it seems fine.

Suggest me how to set up a rule to get custom values in a rule for mobile property and need help to check if my configuration is correct.






Are you talking about a native Andorid/iOS app or a webapp wrapped with PhoneGap/Cordova? The former uses an SDK for the platform you are using and doesn't use Launch. The latter would be the same as any other web application.