Mobile - Product Syntax - Use variable name link in Adobe Mobile Services instead of "eVarXX"



Currently, to add eVars and prop in a product syntax we need to use the eVar slot :

cdata.put("&&products", ";Shoes;1;69.95;eVar1=Merchandising;eVar2=TEST,;Socks;10;29.99;eVar1=Merchandising;eVar2=TEST2");


Would it be possible to use the variable name that we have in Adobe Mobile Services?


For example, if eVar1 is attributed to "productCategory", we'd have :

cdata.put("&&products", ";Shoes;1;69.95;productCategory=Merchandising;eVar2=TEST,;Socks;10;29.99;productCategory=Merchandising;eVar2=TEST2");


For cases that we have multiples eVar and prop, it's harder dor developper to understand what they are pushing.


Thank you

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