Make it easier to switch environments WITHOUT access to Environments page



It'd be wonderful to have a console code snippet (similar to DTM's "localStorage.setItem('sdsat_stagingLibrary', true)") or even have it added to the Launch Switcher plugin (which currently requires the user navigate to Launch's Environments page).
Use case: if we want a third party to be able to test their tag is firing correctly before we publish it.... they don't have access to our launch, nor to our lower environments. in DTM I could just tell them "use this snippet and reload the page", but for Launch, the best I can do is get them to install the Experience Cloud debugger extension (Adobe Experience Cloud Debugger - Chrome Web Store ), tell them to go to "Tools", and manually insert the full embed code I provide them.

I understand the thing that makes this tricky is that folks can have multiple dev environments so the code/extension doesn't always know where to pull dev libraries from... if we'd need to make one as our permanent "for external testing" environment or something (so it'd look more like it did in dtm... launch-ENXXX12345.min.js for prod, launch-ENXXX12345-staging.min.js for staging, and launch-ENXXX12345-dev.min.js as my permanently-easily-accessible-by-console-or-extension dev library), I could work with that. Or if the snippet/extension made me manually input my library ID or something, kinda similar to the Adobe Experience Cloud debugger currently does (but without all the extra bloat of that tool):


Or if I could generate a testing link (kinda like how GTM does it) so that if a tester went to it would use that library and maybe even have _satellite debugging turned on automatically...

At bare minimum, if there was a snippet/extension to switch from prod to staging (since that IS a more static link than dev)- even that would help.

Really at this point though, I just need ONE option to use for these situations, short of me telling them to install switcheroo.

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Even if dev environments can only return an index (as to hide their names if sensitive), it would be handy to be able to query, and select.



Best idea ever!  To add on to this, our staging environments are usually behind firewalls that require copious amounts of time to sway our IT teams to punch holes for said vendors.   Google tag manager makes this delightfully simple with a click of a button, and BAM! vendors are viewing all unpublished code on our production environement.