Loading of libraries leading to delay in firing beacon








I have _satellite.setDebug(true) on my Chrome Console.

After my rules fire like - DOM ready, Libray loaded top of page. I see the below in the console.

16:35:01.872    [Adobe Analytics] Creating AppMeasurement tracker with these report suites: "rsname"

16:35:01.877    [Adobe Analytics] Setting the tracker as window.s

16:35:04.880    [Adobe Analytics] Setting MCID instance on the tracker.

16:35:04.881    [Adobe Analytics] Setting version on tracker: "L8Z7".

16:35:04.886   [Adobe Analytics] Applying the following properties on tracker

After all these are done - finally the beacon is fired.

My question is:

Why does steps like creating appmeasurement tracker need to be done everytime - even after a refresh. I presume CDNs take care of these things - I have Akamai enabled for the property by the way. Also, notice setting MCID happens after 3 seconds.

These are delaying page loads. Are these steps which i see in console normal or something can be optimized ?

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