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I have a few questions about setting up the load rule for this extension:

  1. The documentation states my actions should look like this: Clear Variables > Set s.Products > Set Analytics Vars > Send Beacon.  My question is since I already have a “every page” Analytics load rule, wouldn’t adding a Send Beacon as part of this load rule cause two s.t (page view) requests to be sent?  Does Launch ignore all but a single Send Beacon option so if I created 25 Analytics Load Rules with each containing a Send Beacon action – Launch would be smart enough to only send one?
  2. The dataLayer element that contains my products is a comma separated string, e.g., “MD-6578,KY-8745,KY-9768”.  Do I need to convert this to an array prior to assigning it to any of the UI entries or does the extension automatically parse the string?
  3. In the Core > Value Comparison Conditions module, several items are supported, like equals, contains, greater than, etc.  What should we use to represent IS NULL and IS NOT NULL?  May want to pass along adding these two as discrete options in the UI to Product Development.  Would put Launch in line with Adobe Target’s conditional options.


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Accepted Solutions (1)



I am also just a user so not claiming my answers as best practice but just how I do it:

1. I created my rules differently, e.g. having the Clear at then end. So do my stuff and cleanup afterwards approach. But having it at the beginnign is also somethign I considered. Now to the actual question:

When or how are your rules triggered? There are multiple approaches I've seen so far. Again first what I have:

One page-load rule which sends the s.t() beacon with a custom pageBottom() method, and many rules that are only triggered with user interaction, these can then be s.tl() for on page interactions and s.t() for SPA elements where we want to track multiple page views, e.g. a multistep form.

So it really depends on how you configured and trigger your rules, from your text it is not clear what you mean with "every page" rule. You can have multiple rules that are triggered with a page load that do not send beacons but only have set variable actions and then have one rule that does the actual beacon sending. Just make sure the send beacon has the highest order number so it is the last rule that gets executed.

2. Again it depends what you intend to do with this string. If you are talking about products it is probably best if you populate s.products but there you need to stick to the official syntax of that string: products

Another option is to use one of the list variables s.list1, s.list2, s.list3 where you can define the delimiter in the Analytics suite

But also normal eVars can have strings like this, there you would have to do the splitting by yourself in Analytics

3. Never used this, so can't answer that

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