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I need to load content in a specific order where timing is super important. what is the best way to accomplish this in launch. In DTM, I could use sequential HTML but I don't see that option in launch for a third party tag.

I tried creating a rule and use "then" but when I check console.logs it doesn't fire in that order

I need to make sure I fire in order:

  1. pardot cookie tracker script
  2. then fire src script that gets written in with document.write and appends to our dataLayer object as a child
  3. then collect the data from the child object in evars

step 2 needs to be sequential as it takes more time to load and right now analytics is already trying to capture values before its ready to provide any. How can I create the same sequential HTML as I do in DTM that works?

thanks for any help.

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That's probably the best way to do it. You could also load the AppMeasurement script managed by Adobe, but do so synchronously, then make sure all your rules are triggered in the correct order.



I was able to use the "discovery data layer" extension and create a rule that delayed the global variables from firing for 1000 ms and it worked perfectly and collected all the data from the child object however, i want to make sure there is not a better way to do this.