Link tracking and page views - Launch implementation on iOS app



Good afternoon all!

I'd like to implement launch on an iOS app. Basically at this stage all I want to do is receive information about what they clicked an what page they were on! I've got to the point where the app and launch library are connected. Now I need to add rules and data elements. Key questions are:

1) What should the data element type be? Both for the page name and link tracking?

2) In setting up the rule, what should the event be fired on? - A trackstate, trackaction?!

Also, if anyone has found any documentation for setting this sort of thing up if be grand if you could share. Can't say I've found too much documentation which was been that helpful.


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A trackState is basically equivalent to a s.t( ) call in the web, which indeed is a pageview.

A trackAction is again equivalent to a ) call in the web, is it a custom link call.

For the 4.x SDK

Track App States

Track App Actions

For the AEP SDK

Adobe Analytics - Adobe Experience Platform Mobile SDKs