Integrating with Vimeo and Google Analytics



Vimeo offer the option to track performance of videos embedded on websites into Google Analytics. I have the instructions for setting up with Google Tag Manager but struggling to convert this to work in Adobe Launch. Has anyone come across this before or made sense of the below? Many thanks.

Adobe Launch google analytics vimeo

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



So Vimeo's library offered in that link is made specifically for Google Analytics which sends events.


Easier solution:

Very ugly workaround but what you can do is listen to those Google post events (more details here:


Harder solution:

I, unfortunately, don't have a Vimeo premium account to see the Google Analytics library.js file but you would want to read how that library works, figure out and find their listeners, copy that code and install the library or copy the bits of the code that is necessary and have it work to fire a direct call or some kind of event for Adobe Launch to listen to in event rules.

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