iFrame Page Tracking Issue



I have "a-page" within this page I have a "b-page" frame. I can track the a-page without any issue. If I place the Adobe Launch tracking code on the iFrame "b-page" then on the page load 1st call triggered for "a-page" then 2nd call triggered for "b-page". When I interact with "b-page" links or form submission which is under the frame those activities are being associated with "a-page" because on browser it's showing the "a-page".

If I have a multiple iframe on the page then the page load analytics calls are increasing.

Please suggest me the best practices of iFrame tracking using Adobe Launch.




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Sounds like you control both a-page and b-page.

Personally, I would not have Launch in b-page at all. Instead, anything that needs to be tracked should use window.postMessage() to send messages to a-page. Then, configure Launch in a-page to listen for those messages, then track accordingly.

I had a similar setup where b-page showed a video and I wanted to track those video interactions. So with every video interaction, I used window.postMessage() to send information about that interaction to my a-page. In a-page, I had a window.addEventListener('message', ...) that would listen for those messages, then send a Custom Event for each message. I then configured a rule in Launch for those Custom Events and tracked to AA accordingly. So effectively, I was tracking every video interaction in b-page to AA in a-page.