I can't find an example of a rule using pathing props



Hello, I'm new in Analytics and Launch and I can't understand how to build a rule for tracking website steps of a user.

I saw many links with theory of user goes from page A to page B to page C but I've never seen a proper example with the actual values of a rule.

What do I need to do for this?


What I have so far is the prop7 configured with pathing and my rule goes like this:

  • Event
    • Page Bottom
  • Actions
    • Adobe Analytics - Set Variables
      • Custom code: s.prop7 = _satellite.getVar("Campaign") ? _satellite.getVar("Campaign") + ":" + s.pageName : s.pageName;
      • * Campaign var is a Data Element associated with a query string "cid"
    • Adobe Analytics - Send Beacon

Is this ok? 

Am I doing something wrong?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Pathing is done server-side and not client-side.


As long as you send prop7 values on each server calls, you can run the prop7 pathing report in Analysis Workspace and see a path report.


You code seems to be right but you will need to check in your developer tools in the network tab that the Adobe Analytics call does contain the prop7 value as you expect.

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