How to install Launch on non-AEM Site




Having trouble finding basic information for installing Launch outside of AEM 6.4 and not migrating from DTM.  I've looked through the technical documents, getting started, etc. and none of them answer two fairly basic questions - 1) where do I download the Launch JS libraries and 2) how to call Launch from the head of your page.

In this simple HTML example below:



<title>My Page</title>


  var dataLayer = {

    "page": {

        "pageName" : "My Page",

        "pageURL" : "/mypage.html"




// Where do I download the Launch JS files

<script src="??? Where ???" async></script>

// Is this script call all I need to do client-side to connect to Launch, everything else - like scrapping dataLayer is done server side???



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)



The online help and documentation doesn't necessarily link to it very well, but you should probably start here:

Adobe Launch Official Documentation - Getting Started Video Series

Upon going through those videos, you will have a bit more of a grasp on the overall pieces and initial setup tasks.  For further demos and walkthroughs, I would recommend watching one of the past recorded sessions posted here:

Adobe Launch: Ask the Expert Series - Recorded Sessions

Upcoming Ask the Community Expert: Launch by Adobe

My recommended video from that list: 03/01/18 @ 2:00PM EST - Recording

Happy watching!  Hopefully it helps fill in the blanks for you and can set the foundation of a Web Property in Launch you can play around with