How to implement Doubleclick Floodlight Tags with Adobe Launch



Hey Guys, I am new to Adobe Launch. I need to implement Doubleclick Floodlight tags for one of my client site which is an ecommerce website.

Can you guys let me know how to implement in adobe launch?

I have just installed the Doubleclick extension in Adobe launch. What will be next steps?

How to configure it? What are the rules to be create?

Need your help guys!

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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hi aravindbalu,

Launch provides extension for Double Click Floodlight tag and it requires no custom code. Follow the steps to place floodlight tag on your site.

1) Search for Double Click Floodlight in extension tab of launch and install it.


2) Now you have to create new Rule in the Rule tab of launch and use the installed extension. Provide the Event and condition which will ensure when the Floodlight to fire and in the action section select the installed extension later add the details provided by marketing team in configuration i.e (src,,ord etc).


3) Build the library with the changes done in step 1 and 2 and you would be able to see Double Click Flood light firing.

Hope this Helps .........


Shweta Bakshi

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I do it by Custom Code and run it globally. As if you may have much of DC's you have to config a lot. My solutions works with the lookup table extension. So I do a lookup on e.g. an URL or pagename or what ever you want to send your DC Tags.


The output is then your DC config (activites,groups). Then I created a rule on DOM Ready with Custom Code Action:


and then get the output of the DC Settings by _satellite.getVar('campaign_test'). So you can run this rule on every page (1 rule overall), and as soon as the lookup table input is true, the settings are set and Tag is firing. May be some initial effort, but works perfectly.



There are three types of counter Type in Floodlight i.e. Standard, Unique and Per Session. Which one will the get attributed when we use extension?



Hi Mohan

As I use the Lookup Table Extension, it is possible to trigger it on link click, but the listener is on a datalayer variable. So if you generate a link click and store a event variable in the datalayer e.g. digitalData.event it will then be triggered, but I guess there will be some timing issues as if you click on the page, it will redirect you, so I do not recommend to use my solution on link clicks. The Custom Code is default gtag template, only modified the "sent_to" part.

Best Regards




Hi Patrick,

I'm looking for a solution to trigger AW code on a Link Click through Launch. Does this code you generated will trigger inside an on click function? Is this a tool or a macro you use for generating the custom code? Would you be able to share if possible? 

Thanks in Advance