How to connect with development environment in AEM?



When we create a new Adobe Launch configuration in AEM, we provide the values of fields like "Associated IMS Configuration", "Company", "Property" etc, and then on the next window, the staging & production fields get populated automatically. I was just wondering in this case, what is the use case of the "development" environment(s) in Adobe Launch. Are they just for developing the properties, but do not serve as an integration point in AEM? And if not, could someone guide me resources on how to go about to point to development environment?

I have currently have setup following the instructions at Integrate AEM with Adobe Launch Via Adobe I/O . So in the author environments, it points to "staging", and on publish dispatcher it points to "production". Since we have four different AEM environments (dev/test/train/prod), the team was wondering if we could have the lower environments point to "development environment" of Adobe Launch.

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