How to add Adobe Launch code to links, Ajax popups



First of all Adobe Launch documentation is very bad. I am transitioning from Tealium to Adobe Launch and some of the details are not properly documented. When I search things in Google there are confusing terms DTM, Satellite and Launch. It is not very apparent which is the latest information.


I need to add pageName to Ajax pop-ups, and not sure how to do that. In one of the documents, it mentions to add below code, but I am not sure if this is a recent code.


I am looking for equivalent to Tealium utag.view


I am also not sure what "directtest" do here? 


 _satellite.track('directtest', {name: 'pageName', Description:'Testing Parameter'} );




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Hi Sibela,


Here directtest is the Identifier of the Direct Call event, whenever the script  _satellite.track('directtest', {name: 'pageName', Description:'Testing Parameter'} ); is firing it will trigger the rule(Rule created with identifier as directtest) created in DTM/Launch in that rule you can pass/access the name/Description key to set the pagename.