How do we trigger rule for ANY direct call rule



We use a different direct call rule for different types of 'pages' on our single page app that send data to Analytics.  I have a pixel rule that I want to fire after any direct call rule fires.  Does anybody know how this can be accomplished?





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Accepted Solutions (1)



What you can do is for every direct call listener that you have, have it fire ANOTHER direct call that fires a universal rule.

Let's say you have 3 direct calls

  • "DirectCall1" Listener > Action to Call "Universal Direct Call Rule"
  • "DirectCall2" Listener > Action to Call "Universal Direct Call Rule"
  • "DirectCall3" Listener > Action to Call "Universal Direct Call Rule"

Then they all link to the universal direct call which has an action like: _satellite.track("universalDirectCall");

Then from there, you create a new rule:

  • "universalDirectCall" Listener > Action: Fire Pixel.

You have more control over when and what and how the pixel gets fired and also has the pixel code only in one place.

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Answers (4)




There is no mechanism to define Rule Actions that should occur for any direct call rule.  You'd simply need to add the Action to any of the Rules you have that use Direct Call as the Event.



Thanks Brandon,


I will see if I can determine how to make this work.  I would not want it to fire after any of the other beacon calls we have, only those that send to analytics from our direct call rules.


Is it possible to have several rules that fire from the same direct call rule?



I don't believe there is a way to fire "after any direct call". But you may find it helpful to use the below:


  //Code run after every beacon