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Hello Everyone,

I am a newbie in using Launch. I have used Google Tag Manager in the past and I am very familiar with the basics. However, I am attempting to implement our Google analytics tags through Launch (we have a need to have both analytics) and so far my experience has not been successful. Very little if any documentation is available and so far my use of that extension is not working. It's failing to capture any data and I don't really know where to turn. Can someone please point me in the right direction? or has anyone had any success with it and can provide some guidance?

Thank You


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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi JB,

I would rather use the custom code section within each rule (page/events etc.) to implement GA.

  • User-Defined Variables in gtag are Data Elements in Launch.
  • Triggers are Events and Conditions.
  • Tags are Rule.

Great Launch resource 



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Answers (4)




Sorry to hear that.  Can you provide more details about what specifically was not working?

You may also want to consider trying the GTag extension:  Google Global Site Tag (gtag)



Installation was easy enough in Launch, but I did not see the download of any associated resources in my network monitor when browsing the site after installation.  Incidentally, I ran into the same behavior when using Google Global Site Tag (gtag) provided by Acronym, as well.

I was able to get the "Google gtag" extension provided by Adobe working (I can't find the extension page to link here).  Upon installation, I see network requests to download the gtag.js from googletagmanager and the subsequent collect beacon to  The only problem with this extension is that it has almost no configuration options.  For example, you cannot have a different UA# per environment as you can with the Google Universal Analytics and Google Global Site Tag (gtag) extensions.