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Hi, after following the basic documentation that is available to install the Experience Cloud ID Service extension with Adobe Launch I got the following results:

- DTM debugger basically says the ID Service loads:

[Experience Cloud ID Service] Created instance using orgId: "MYID@AdobeOrg"

[Experience Cloud ID Service] Set variables: {"trackingServer":"XX.sc.omtrdc.net","trackingServerSecure":"XX.sc.omtrdc.net"}

[Adobe Analytics] Setting MCID instance on the tracker.

- About 6 s_vi cookies are set

- No AMCV  cookie is set

- No MCID value available on Analytics request

- calling Visitor.getInstance("MYID@AdobeOrg") from the console returns an object without MCID value.

Is there any additional documentation or clues that anyone could offer to troubleshoot this implementation issue?

I do not know if this matters but for background:

- my web property is a subdomain (sub.main.com)

- main.com is another property where the experience cloud id is already set up via DTM. I want to track visitors across properties so the same org and reporting suites are being used in both.

Thank  you

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Accepted Solutions (1)


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I realize that this is an old question so many updates have been released to both of those tools since it was posted. If you are still experiencing this issue, please post screenshots of how you've configured the ID Service extension. You can blur out any sensitive information.

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