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I have listed particular domain in never track section to avoid internal links reporting as exit link. But I don't see exit link is firing for external domain as well. What could be the reason? 





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Accepted Solutions (1)



Hey Pradeep,


It depends on multiple factors why a domain is not considered as an exit link. There can be two scenarios when your internal domain is redirected to external link. One is open a popup and second is change the internal URL to external on the same page.

To handle both of the above scenarios, make sure you perform the below steps:

1. Please add javascript:, mailto:, tel: in Never track list.

The default value is a javascript command that returns the hostname of the URL for the current window address.
2. If Track Outbound link is enabled, an image request is sent to Adobe right as a visitor clicks a link to leave your site. The linkExternalFilters and linkInternalFilters variables determine what links are considered internal/external.
Only use this variable if you know exactly which domains you want to consider as exit links.
If you use both linkInternalFilters and linkExternalFilters simultaneously, the clicked link must match linkExternalFilters and NOT match linkInternalFilters to be considered an exit link. 
As there is no explicit outbound link defined in Launch, please uncheck "Track Outbound Link" option


If this does not help, then help us with the URL and steps to reproduce or raise a case with client care team to troubleshoot further.

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